Shear Studs


About Shear Stud

All our shear studs are European in source and adhere to all of the required British and European standards, our shear studs are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 13918:2008.

The advertised length of our shear studs is length before the welding process. Shear Studs when welded to base metal will be approximately 5mm shorter after weld and when welded through deck 10mm shorter after weld.

Working in partnership with our good friends at Nelson Stud Welding, SMD Stockyards is pleased to announce that we are now a UK accredited supplier of Nelson headed shear studs.

  • 19mm dia x 105mm long
  • 19mm dia x 130mm long
  • 10,000 standard size shear studs are kept in stock daily.
  • Other sizes are available on request