Shear Studs

All of our shear studs are European in source and adhere to all of the required British and European standards, and are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 13918:2008.

The advertised length of our shear studs is length before the welding process. When welded to base metal, it will be approximately 5mm shorter after weld and when welded through deck 10mm shorter after weld.

Working in partnership with our good friends at Nelson Stud Welding, SMD Stockyards is pleased to announce that we are now a UK accredited supplier of Nelson headed shear studs.

  • 19mm dia x 105mm long
  • 19mm dia x 130mm long
  • 10,000 standard size shear studs are kept in stock daily.
  • Other sizes are available on request

Welding is typically undertaken using purpose-built mobile stud welding rigs, operating welding rectifiers and diesel generators. When using this kind of equipment, it’s essential to select the right one based on the size and scale of the project and for Health and Safety considerations, they must always be used in accordance to their instructions.


A welding rig with dimensions of 7m long, 2.5m wide and 4m high will require access and hardstanding to within 7.5m of the steel frame to ensure it can be safely earthed. If this isn’t possible due to site logistics or restrictions (the cable can only stretch 80m between the rig and welding tool), then an additional steel angle of around 50mm x 50mm is an option too.


The top flanges must be free from any type of paint, grease, loose rust or any other coating that could reduce the final weld strength. This check MUST be carried out before the metal floor deck is installed as it will be almost impossible to check after the deck has been laid. If the top flanges are painted or have a coating (and require studs), raise this with the steel contractor ASAP as you can imagine this will cause huge issues later down the line.

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