• In most situations composite slabs are designed for fire using only a light mesh reinforcement in the top of the slab. This is justified using the SCI published Non-Contradictory C

  • In the construction industry, the term ‘steel decking’ covers all forms of the profiled steel sheeting. Commonly used together with concrete and steelwork. This creates a composite

  • When shear stud welding on site, here are five of our top tips to make sure everything runs smoothly.   When Shear Stud Welding, ensure your top flanges are unpainted and have

  • Send us your details! To help you get organised for 2021, once again, we have hundreds of wall planners ready to be distributed to our contacts up and down the country. The problem

  • You may be aware of our TR80+ floor deck profile, an evolution of one of our original decking profiles, an evolution of one of our original decking profiles, but did you know it’s

  • After laying the deck it must be fixed to the supporting steelwork. Powder (shot-fired) or gas actuated, or screw fixings can be used for this depending on the application. Below i

  • We have developed a unique new mobile phone app for architects, designers and engineers. Our ‘SMD Elements® Span Check’ initiative has now been launched. The free-to-download app i

  • Why Composite? The increased performance of composite beams, in stiffness and bending resistance, allows the construction of longer spans and shallower floors when compared to non-