25 Feb 22

Delivery & Installation of Metal Decks and Concrete

At SMDSY, we have recently updated our site guidance documents to assist with the installation of metal floor decks, concrete and other associated products. This document has been created using SMD’s TGN documentation available online or as a hard copy. The content within this document has been edited to provide knowledge to safely install metal floor deck and other products, shear studs and concrete (on metal deck) correctly. We strongly suggest only competent construction operatives are used when installing metal floor deck products, shear studs and concrete.

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Guidance Information, Health and Safety and Floor Slab Design

This section provides information for the design, installation and completion of metal decking projects that must be arranged so that the Health & Safety of the operatives undertaking the work, of other trades on site, and of members of the public is ensured. It also discusses the potential hazards and associative measures in place to prevent harm to the public and site operatives.



We are dedicated to giving you correct and reliable information. Our sheet lengths, sheet length limits and pack sizes are to prevent damage to the sheets during transport and ensure packs are of a weight that is easily off-loaded, with the maximum and minimum sheet quantities. We also provide details on off-loading, hoisting and storage where care should be taken to avoid damage to the decking sheets caused by excessive pressure from slings or chains. Many other details can be found about the supply of materials to assist with deliveries and off-loading.

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Floor Deck Installation

SMD products should only be installed by those competent and trained to do so. Specific reference should also be given to the BCSA Code of Practice for Metal Decking and Stud Welding. This section specifies the various procedures that should be followed such as pre-start measures, weather conditions, supporting structures and access to levels to name a few which can found in chapter 11. Details on bearings and fixings can also be found when installation of metal decks is taking place and what is required to safely install floor decking.


Shear Stud Welding

Thru-deck welded shear studs are commonly used to transfer horizontal shear forces between the steel beam and concrete slab to suit the relevant design standard. These studs are welded to the supporting beams through troughs in the steel decking. Therefore, it is essential that the decking and beam geometries are considered by the structural engineer when specifying stud quantities, in particular on beams running perpendicular to the decking span. There are many aspects of shear stud welding such as length after welding, spacing, and unpainted top flanges to name a few, which can be found within the site guidance document.

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Concrete Installation

Handy tips are included about temporary propping, damaged decking, reinforcement drawings and bending schedules and many others to help in concrete installation.



Service Fixings

All SMD floor deck profiles offer the opportunity of utilising soffit fixings for suspending ceilings and services. Soffit fixings, also known as wedge nuts, are available to suit drop rod thread sizes of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm and can support safe working loads of up to 2.0kN (depending on the profile and drop rod size).

 metal decks soffit fixing


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