Metal Deck Floor

Metal Deck Floor

Do you frequently place orders for floor deck and roof deck components? Are you looking to switch suppliers of metal deck floor? Then you’ve come to the right place as we stock the widest selection of steel decking for flooring and roofs anywhere in the UK. Our range of decking is simply unbeatable, comprised of high-quality options that are up to code and spec. You can have complete confidence knowing that the metal decks you construct will stand the test of time. 

It’s little wonder that our steel decking products have been used in countless constructions over the years. We’ve quite literally helped shape Britain’s skylines. You won’t find better quality steel anywhere else at these sorts of prices. Our products are very affordable, making it easy to balance your job requirements and budget. If you’ve heard enough and would like to place an order, pick up the phone and call SMD Stockyards on 01202 714990. 

The Go-To Steel Decking Suppliers 

When commencing any job where construction is to take place on a building, you need to make sure you have the necessary materials to hand to complete the work. Buildings comprise a lot of steel, with supports and decking forming the structure, providing much-needed strength and stability. Steel decking is often found in the roof and floors over which other materials are then added. Having a source that can supply with you good-quality steel is, therefore, imperative. 

Here at SMD Stockyards, we stock the widest range of steel decking profiles for floors and roofs. We only stock products that we trust as we know to use inferior materials could be catastrophic. Our steel profiles have been used to construct buildings all over the UK, so you know that this is quality you can trust. Place an order today and enjoy the benefit of nationwide coverage, next-day delivery, and credit accounts to simplify your transactions. 

Every interaction is one with our highly experienced team of steel stockholders. They’ll ensure that you receive the best product advice and suggestions, helping you complete your order to your satisfaction. And if you require any additional assistance, just let them know. 

Our Metal Floor Decking Services 

At SMD Stockyards, we’re committed to providing the best-quality steel floor and roof decking and the best metal floor decking service around. Our goal is to make ordering steel decking as quick and hassle-free as possible. From the moment you place an order, we’ll endeavour to have it ready for same-day collection or next-day delivery. 

Our service is by far the most efficient you’ll find and easily a step ahead of the service provided by our competitors. Our yard staff are always on hand to assist in any way they can, from handling enquiries to advising and preparing orders for shipping. If you require deck pieces cut to size, this will be done FREE of charge. This invaluable service saves you time on-site, as each piece will slot neatly into place with no additional work required. 

All our steel roof and floor decking products are branded and labelled, so identifying pack sizes is a simple process. Please note that we also stock off-cuts for any odd jobs you might have on the books. 

The top steel metal deck floor suppliers in the UK

Benefits of Using a Steel Metal Deck Floor 

When it comes to investing in steel components, your first concern should always be making sure you’re paying a reasonable price for quality steel decking, both for flooring and roofs. But it’s also nice to know what the benefits of building a steel floor deck are. We’ve discussed a few of the benefits of steel decking below for your benefit. 

If you’re thinking about having a steel deck floor installed, you’ll want to know the benefits before spending your hard-earned money. Using metal deck flooring means a reduced time frame due to the fast speed of construction, meaning your customers won’t be kept waiting months for construction to finish. 

Due to the reduced foundation costs, having a metal roof and floor deck floor installed is both economical and sensible. That’s the main reason why our steel decking is offered to all our customers at the most affordable prices on the market. 

Steel decking for roofs and flooring is used largely in construction due to its low frame weight, giving the overall build more flexibility. The decking also acts as a permanent shuttering system, which is why it’s also such a commonly used insulator when keeping buildings warm. 

Examples of Our Steel Decking Products 

Here at SMD Stockyards, we stock many fantastic steel products, and just to give you an idea, we’ve detailed some of these below. For instance, customers can purchase the R51+ Floor Deck. It is a traditional re-entrant profile that’s typically used in elevated, multi-storey construction. It is desirable where the structural zone is limited and spots an impressive 1-hour fire rating, achievable with a relatively thin slab depth. 

The TR60+ boasts high-span capabilities and increased steel efficiency. Installation of this steel decking option is super-fast, thanks to the 1.0m cover width. The TR60+ sports a 1-hour fire rating achieved with a 130mm slab. Alternatively, you have the TR80+, which sports a deep trapezoidal profile with excellent un-propped span capabilities. The reduced concrete volume requirements are also another desirable trait of the TR80+. 

Other Services Provided by Our Steel Decking Professionals 

Besides being the go-to supplier of quality steel decking, we at SMD Stockyards provide a range of services intended to support on-site operations. These services include: 

Our yard service occurs off-site but is invaluable for ensuring the steady, uninterrupted flow of materials to the worksite. Our technical advice is always FREE of charge, so if you need to run anything by us, you just have to ask. The rest of our turnkey service can be provided at a highly competitive price. We can help move along the work, ensuring timely completion and the highest professional standards. 

Why Come to SMD Stockyards for Steel Floor Deck Components? 

SMD Stockyards was established in 1987, giving us over 30 years of experience, so we know how to carry out jobs to the highest of standards. Our ever-growing company has been growing and expanding within the UK since we started, and we couldn’t be prouder to give our customers exactly what they need. 

Our company not only caters for huge constructions with a large expanse of complexity, but we also deliver to our smaller clients and are happy to ensure everyone gets what they need. We’re happy that we can offer either same-day collection or next-day deliveries to our clients because no one likes to wait. 

SMD Stockyards offer a range of products from the best metal deck floors, reinforcement mesh and even GRP grating, and we offer them at affordable, hard to beat prices. All while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint with our expert environmental management system. 

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It should now be obvious where the best place to turn to is to order high-quality metal deck components, and that’s SMD Stockyards. Whether you require steel floor decking or metal deck components for roof construction, we have it covered. Our range of steel decking is unmatched. Our products have been to construct steel decks in buildings up and down the country for many years now. You won’t find finer quality, a more efficient service, or more affordable prices anywhere else. 

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your requirements and perhaps place an order for steel decking, then get in touch by calling SMD Stockyards on 01202 714990. You’ll converse with a member of our team who will take down your details and request. If you require extra assistance, they can inform you of the various services we offer. Alternatively, complete our online contact form or email