Edge Trim & Flashings

Edge Trims
Metal Decking Scotland

Edge Trim and Flashings

Edge trims can be used for permanent formwork of the slab when pouring concrete on to pre-cast or metal deck floors.

Edge Trim
  • Forming the edge of the slab using cold-rolled edge trim is the most accurate and economic method
  • Trims are available in 3m lengths and various depths depending on the slab depth.
  • The gauge is determined by the depth of the slab and the extent of the overhang required – see Table for more information
smd trim table gauge
  • Flashings can be utilised to close small gaps to finish off bays without the need to cut a full width deck sheet, reducing wastage
  • Supplied in 3m lengths
  • Where studs are required, flashing may be required at perimeter and intermediate beams to allow studs to be installed.