There are times when you just need something right now. Many contractors working on small projects with short lead-in times like to know there’s a place they can walk into, choose the exact decking materials they require and then drive away with those materials.


SMD Stockyards can provide this service. As a part of the SMD Construction Group, we have four such yards across the UK, all manned by fully trained staff who can help you to put together your order on the spot. If you contact the teams in advance, they can arrange to have your order ready for collection the same day. If you request delivery, we’ll aim to have your products on site within 1 to 2 days of the order being placed. Staff members at SMD Stockyards are competent at providing advice on all our decking products and are fully certified to load your materials using fork-lift trucks.


Kevin Harnett heads up the entire stockyards section of the Group. He’s been with the company since 2000 and is based in our Head Office in Poole but is also in charge of our Northern Brighouse yard in Leeds and the Coatbridge yard in Scotland. Our other stockyards are located in Brentwood and Ashbourne so we can boast excellent nationwide coverage.


So, what products can you choose and buy at one of our Stockyards? It goes without saying that you can pick up metal floor and roof deck sheets, but we also stock shear studs, edge trims in various sizes, filler blocks, VoidSafe® glass reinforced plastic grating and all the fixings you will need to get the job done. At all the yards we have the means to cut the steel deck sheets to size, free of charge, so you can take away the exact quantities and lengths you need for the project or for a particular area. The deck sheets will be branded, labelled and bundled according to the gauge and profile to ensure safe and easy loading out on site.


We maintain high levels of stock and extensive product options because we want to be able to offer a swift and efficient service based on your individual requirements. We recognise that convenience is key, and our customers can either hold credit accounts with us or pay for their products by card prior to collection.


Established in 1987, SMD is now recognised as a market leader within the metal decking industry and our high-quality products form an integral part of some of the most iconic buildings that now shape the British skyline. We’re proud of the fact that we’re able to offer our clients design services and technical advice and now this ability to provide off-the-shelf materials at short notice and at competitive prices gives those clients anywhere in the UK that versatility that is so often needed in construction

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As well as our high-quality products, we also offer competent yard service, installation, and design and technical advice. It is a testament to the skill of our team that they can perform such a wide variety of services while maintaining our high standards across each. These services set us apart from similar companies within the industry as they make us a more versatile option for clients.


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